Powr-Flite® M2000-3 Ultra High Speed Burnisher - 2000 RPM

Powr-Flite® M2000-3 Ultra High Speed Burnisher - 2000 RPM

Item # SWMM2000-3

  • 1-1/2 hp, DC rectified, UL listed motor
  • Pad diameter: 20" Full pad-to-floor contact
  • Transmission: Direct drive
  • Power cord: 75' UL Listed 12/3 SJTW-A
2000 RPM, ea
Manufacturers Item #M2000-3

Our burnishers give you years of trouble free operation, making it easy to bring the life back to almost any hard floor surface! One piece all metal handle housing, tube and trigger assembly for aggressive cleaning. Non-conductive base and motor housings! Completely enclosed capacitors! No exposed wires!

Transmission: Direct drive. Power cord: 75' UL Listed 12/3 SJTW-A.


  • Exceptionally smooth operation with a flexible, self-adjusting pad driver that burnishes unlevel surface areas evenly.
  • Our patented design combined with precision balanced weight distribution eliminates the need for a compensating caster.
  • The entire pad is touching the floor, not just a couple of inches like conventional burnishers!
  • Floating handle for easy operation with safety start-up/lockout.
  • Full pad-to-floor contact, no compensating caster.
  • Flexible pad driver
  • Patented one-piece housing.
  • Easy access to motor an dinternal components! The completely enclosed motor and no exposed wires means longer lasting durability, with easy access for quick maintenance.
  • Strong reinforced handle yoke! Reinforcing the handle yoke and solid acle support providses strength and support for smoother operation and improved performance.
  • One piece base and motor housing.


  • Pad Speed: 2000 RPM
  • Pad Diameter: 20" full pad-to-floor contact
  • Power Cord: 75 ft UL listed 12/3 SJTW-A/Gray
  • Base Housing: One piece, high density polyethylene
  • Pad Driver: Flexible, total 20" floor-to-pad contact
  • Pad Pressure (lbs.): 16
  • Handle Grips: Anti-fatigue, soft to the touch
  • Cord Strain Relief: Heavy duty metal, lock nut and spring
  • Handle Tube: All chrome 1-1/2" (floating)
  • Handle Lever: Case hardened steel, positive lock
  • Operating Wheels: 5" non-marking-self lubricating
  • Transport Wheels: 4" non-marking-self lubricating
  • Wiring: All completely enclosed in housing
  • Switch Housing: Non conductive-commercial grade
  • Operation Control: Dual lever on-off safety switch. Stress absorbing, left or right hand
  • Work Rating (ft2/hr): 26,000
  • Warranty: 10 years housing, 2 years motor, 1 year on parts & our workmanship